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Easy to cook gourmet food

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Chop Chop Frozen

Cook Like A 5-Star Chef

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Choose from a variety of award-winning easy to make restaurant dishes at a fraction of the cost.

No more late and lukewarm takeaways!

Get It To Your Doorstep

Look forward to receiving all the ingredients you need to make the perfect meal - easy instructions and even the vegetables chopped for you!

Wow Your Family & Guests!

Prepare mouthwatering delicious restaurant-quality meals in 15-20 minutes.

Dozens of delicious dishes to choose from
Chop Chop:What our customers say

Boiling dumplings

We ordered 3 mains and side dishes. Tonight we had the pork and celery dumplings and the beef chow mien. Everything was delicious and we will be ordering again. Thanks again for providing this fantastic service in these challenging times. I agree with others who have said it's fantastic value for restaurant quality food.


 Julie Yuill



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Chop Chop:What our customers say