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Easy to cook gourmet food

Delivered at wholesale prices

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Chop Chop Frozen

Cook Like A 5-Star Chef

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Choose from a variety of award-winning easy to make restaurant dishes at a fraction of the cost.

No more late and lukewarm takeaways!

Get It To Your Doorstep

Look forward to receiving all the ingredients you need to make the perfect meal - easy instructions and even the vegetables chopped for you!

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Prepare mouthwatering delicious restaurant-quality meals in 15-20 minutes.

Dozens of delicious dishes to choose from
Chop Chop:What our customers say

Vegetable barbecue skewers

So far I ordered twice, both got delivered the next day. I am originally from China (Nanjing) I am really impressed by how delicious the dishes are. Very authentic!!

The cooking instructions are simple and prices are very reasonable as well.

Couldn't recommend more!!

Jie Wang


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Chop Chop:What our customers say